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Kern Medical Center Bylaws

Dear Colleagues:

Please find on this website the essential documents of the medical staff of Kern Medical Center.    The three major documents are: Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and the Organizational and Functions Manual. 

The Bylaws contain all the essential components of the medical staff structure and operation.  The bylaws begin with KMC’s Mission, important definitions and the responsibilities of the medical staff organization (Article III).  Next you will find (Article IV) the Qualifications and Responsibilities of medical staff membership.  The Categories of Membership are contained in the next section (Article V), followed  (Article VI) by the Appointment and Reappointment requirements and processes.  Article VII is where you will find all the information related to Delineation of Clinical Privileges, including proctoring.   KMC’s Medical Staff Officers, who they are, how they are elected, and the duties of the President are contained in Article IX, and all information related to our departmental structure, the chair’s selection and their duties follow in Article X.  Article XI describes the two major committees, the Medical Executive Committee and the Joint Conference Committee.  The Joint Conference Committee is the primary organizational unit at KMC where our Board of Supervisors, Medical Staff Leaders and Administration together review KMC’s Medical Staff responsibilities related to quality care and competent physicians (credentialing).  Corrective Action is contained in Article XII, with Hearing and Appellate Reviews in Article XIII and Confidentiality, Immunity and Releases following in Article XIV.  Next in Article XV you find the General Provisions that reference our Rules and Regulation and Organization and Functions manual along with confidentiality provisions. The bylaws conclude with Article XVI with the section on how we Adopt and Amend the Bylaws.

Kern Medical Center’s Medical Staff Rules and Regulations are the necessary documents in order for proper conduct of the medical staff work. KMC’s Rules and Regulations are divided into five sections:  Section A, Admission, Transfer and Discharge of Patients contains essential requirements related to these required functions during patient care at KMC.  Section B, Medical Records, is where you find rules and regulations related to history and physicals content and time requirements, including operative note, including the completion time requirements and reference to KMC’s approved and unapproved abbreviations.  Section C, General Conduct of Care, notes the responsibility of the practitioner to provide adequate care, orders written clearly, legible and completely.   Section D, Consultations, list conditions where consultations are mandatory at KMC and Section E discussed the General Rules Regarding Surgical Care.   KMC’s Disaster Plan is referenced in Section F. and the Rules and Regulations conclude with Section G, Patient Care Status, which describes the three levels of care, Maximal Care, Directed Care and Comfort Care.

The last of the three major documents of Kern Medical Center’s Medical Staff Organization is the Organizations and Functions Manual.   This document describes the various medical staff committees and functions. There are four sections: Section I, General Information discusses the appointment of committee chairs and committee members along with the definition of a quorum, attendance requirements and conduct of meetings.   Section II, General Meetings of the Medical Staff Organization that occur annually and in Section III we review all the KMC Medical Staff Departments and Divisions.  The last section, Section IV lists all our committee’s of the medical staff and each committee’s purpose, composition, reporting relationships, duties and meeting requirements.