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Application and Scheduling

Start Date

Please refer to our Medical Student Academic Rotation Calendar to select weeks that fit your schedule.


Clerkships are four weeks in length. Visiting students are limited to 16 weeks (Four 4-week rotations) initially. Additional rotations may be considered after at least one rotation is successfully completed.


Once clerkships have been confirmed, changes in or rescheduling of clerkship assignments are not permitted.


If there is an emergency and the confirmed rotation cannot be completed, a $350 cancellation fee will incur if notification of the cancellation is not given within 30 days of the scheduled rotation.


Please submit your completed application along with a copy of your USMLE Step I score and an up-to-date university transcript (unofficial). You will receive a response via email when your application has been received. From there, it can take approximately three weeks following the date the paperwork is received for your application to be processed. Please note that calling to see if paperwork has been received is highly discouraged and will only prolong the scheduling process.